Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses Review

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses Review

For many homes, one of their favorite things to do is entertain guests and have friends and family over for dinner, drinks, and fun. The most crucial part of entertaining is having a well-stocked bar and enough glassware and crystal to keep everyone topped up with their favorite drink.

If you’ve shopped around for glasses before though you know how expensive they can be, and the idea of having to fill up a home bar with the many different styles to suit cocktails, spirits, and anything else that people drink can be overwhelming.  Therefore, people often put off their dream of a home bar because they figure it will just be too expensive.

One of the most expensive parts of these products is the whiskey glass, and it’s also usually the most used. Some whiskey glasses can start upwards of $100 just for one glass which is way out of the reach of the standard homeowner, but luckily it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

Venero Crystal Whiskey Glasses Boxes

Venero has managed to create a whiskey glass that retails for exceptionally less than this, but also made out of a quality material that you’d usually find on more expensive glassware. With their goods, you can stock your bar with the right supplies and nobody will be the wiser about how little you actually spent just to get it looking good.

About The Product

Venero is a brand that’s relatively new to the world of glassware and bar products, but they’ve managed to create one of the most affordable and quality styles of whiskey glasses around. The Venero Whiskey Glass ticks all of the boxes for what you’d want in your home bar and you’ll gladly show them off with pride when friends and family come around to have a drink.

These glasses come in a set of four so there’s one for you and three for your friends to enjoy, whether you’re drinking your favorite whiskey or something else completely. When you invest in the Venero glasses for your home bar, there’s no need to sacrifice any features just because you’re paying such a low price, and here’s what they offer.

  • Made of quality lead-free crystal
  • Features thick sides and base for extra strength
  • Holds 12 oz liquid for double shot drinks if needed
  • Thick walls to keep your drink insulated and ice cold
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    The unique twisted design makes it easy to grip
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    Comes with satin lined gift box

These glasses are great for so many occasions, whether you want to gift them to a special friend or add them to your own bar for a touch of elegance at a reduced price. Venero has managed to create a set of whiskey glasses that look and feel like they should be a lot more expensive but won’t break the bank for you.

What Others Say

It’s hard to find many negative words about these glasses, so if you’re skeptical about buying something that’s so cheap then you shouldn’t be worried at all. Venero has successfully created a set of glasses that look and feel like they’re triple the cost and you don’t have to tell your guest just how little you spent on them.

Whiskey Glass

Some of the online reviews found that the Venero Glasses were a little lightweight to what they were compared to, however, for the price, this is to be expected. Usually, a crystal of higher quality is heavier and the glasses are made thicker, so if you prefer something like this then you’ll want to keep shopping around.

These glasses are made out of lead-free crystal which is a must have when you’re choosing whiskey glasses. Although they might be cheap this one feature that is extremely important to how they make your whiskey taste, so it just proves you don’t have to spend a fortune just to drink your favorite beverage the right way.

Buying Advice

If you want to get yourself a set of quality whiskey glasses for your home bar or perhaps to gift to someone who loves a drink, the Venero Whiskey Glasses are an affordable and acceptable option. These glasses cost under $30 when you purchase them through Amazon and as an added bonus you’ll also have them shipped for free.

What makes Venero a stand out brand, especially when you consider the very low price of these glasses, is that they offer a lifetime replacement guarantee on their products. This means, if your glass happens to break or fade in any way they will gladly replace them for you, as this is how much they stand behind the quality of their glasses.

The Venero Whiskey Glasses come in a beautifully packaged and satin lined gift box so they’re all ready to be delivered to someone special. Many customers have even bought a few extra boxes to have them ready to go when someone’s birthday or the holidays roll around, so it’s ideal to get more than just one.

Final Verdict

In terms of budget-friendly whiskey glasses that don’t look or feel cheap, the Venero Whiskey Glasses are definitely one of the top picks out there. This brand has proven that you don’t have to spend a fortune just to get quality crystal whiskey glasses and they’re so impressive you’ll probably want to get more than one set.

Four Whiskey Glasses


These glasses will make a great addition to your home bar or the perfect gift for weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays, all thanks to its gorgeous gift packaging.

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