Paksh Elegant Decanter And Glasses Set Review

Paksh Elegant Decanter And Glasses Set Review

While there’s no denying that people love the taste of whiskey and the nice feeling you get after a few sips, a lot of its enjoyment comes with how it’s presented. Whether you’re having a drink on your own after a long day of work or enjoying some company with friends at your very own home based bar, you need the right gear if your drink of choice is whiskey.

Too many people assume that you have to spend a fortune just to get a set of quality whiskey glasses, but there are some exceptions to the rule. The secret is finding a set that comes from a reputable brand known for making affordable glassware, and choosing a set that looks like it cost a lot more than it actually did.

In addition to finding the perfect looking glass that you’ll enjoy serving up to your friends and guests, you also need the perfect decanter to give your whiskey an even better taste. Therefore, a quality set that features both a decanter and glasses will make a great addition to your home bar and give it that sophisticated touch that it’s been lacking.

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Paksh has created this set and they offer both a decanter and glasses that will enhance your whiskey sipping experience even more than you could ever imagine. Better still, they’re affordable and look even more expensive than they actually cost, so they’re a must-have for any home bar.

About The Product

Paksh Novelty might sound like a company that makes joke products, but they’re actually one of the leading brands in glassware and barware. Their focus is making affordable items that look and feel a lot more expensive than they are, so they’re perfectly suited for people who enjoy a drink at home or even entertaining guests with their very own bar.

Many people who drink whiskey still aren’t aware of how a decanter can help improve the taste and scent of the spirit, but Paksh understands just how important it is. Not only do they have the quality decanter that can make your whiskey even more enjoyable than before, but they’ve also included six glasses so you can entertain others and share a drink with them.

Paksh is known for making budget-friendly glasses like this, but it doesn’t mean they’re lacking in features or quality. Here are some features you’ll find on this set of glasses and whiskey decanter:

  • Square 33.75 oz decanter with a beveled fluted stopper
  • Six  9.5 oz whiskey tumblers
  • All made from fine sands and raw materials in Italy
  • Classic diamond cut for style and superior grip
  • check
    Lead-free old-fashioned glass

This is the perfect set to gift to someone who enjoys their whiskey or just to keep for yourself at home, as it quickly adds a sense of sophistication to any room. Even if you don’t have guests over often to entertain, just looking at your elegant decanter and sipping a tasty whiskey in your Italian glasses will certainly make you feel impressive.

What Others Say

The value for money in this decanter set is definitely one of its strong points, as even just the decanter or the glasses on their own could easily be worth a lot more. If you’re looking to add sophistication to your home bar or liquor setup, this is a simple addition that will have a whole lot of impact.

Whiskey In Glasses

One design flaw that some of the customers have found comes with the stopper found on the decanter, as it’s sealed with a  piece of rubber. Some have described it already coming loose which can prevent the air from staying inside the decanter, so if this happens it’s best not to use it and rather just stick to the glasses instead.

Don’t purchase these expecting them to be premium quality Italian made crystal, as it’s certainly not anything this expensive. However, for what you pay they’re definitely amazing value so long as you take care when cleaning them and serving them to guests as some customers have found them to chip easily.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking for an affordable and easy way to class up your home bar, the Paksh Decanter and Glasses Set is a great investment. Amazon has the best deal on this bar set with the entire seven pieces costing less than $25, so it’s definitely worthwhile getting more than one if you can afford it.

Amazon can sweeten the deal even further by shipping the decanter set to your house free of charge, so you don’t have to wait in any lines at the store and you don’t have to pay extra for freight. For those lucky members of Amazon Prime, you can take advantage of their free express shipping benefit that means you’ll get your whiskey set within just 48 hours.

Paksh doesn’t offer a warranty on these glasses or the decanter, so this is something to be aware of. If you do happen to find that the seal is starting to fail on your decanter set you’ll need to be careful with it so that it continues to work, but sadly there will be no refunds on offer by the brand.

Final Verdict

There’s no need to spend a fortune on quality glasses and a decanter, as Paksh has proven with their amazing seven piece set. This set will improve the taste of your whiskey more than you could imagine at this price tag and it will make you look a lot more sophisticated than you ever imagined as well.

Paksh Elegant Decanter And Glasses Set


Whiskey is one of the world’s most beloved drinks and it’s made even better when you have the right glasses to drink it out of. Investing in affordable whiskey glasses like this one with Paksh will only improve your favorite drink.

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