Marquis By Waterford Whiskey Glasses Review

Marquis By Waterford Whiskey Glasses Review

When you’re someone who takes your favorite whiskey seriously, you undoubtedly have at least one quality glass to drink it from. While it would be good to have more or even a matching set, the cost for quality whiskeys glasses is usually quite high, so many people can only invest in just one or two for their home bar.

Settling for an inferior glass just isn’t worth it either, as you know instantly that it feels cheap and even tastes cheap even when drinking the most expensive whiskey you have. For the ultimate experience when enjoying your favorite beverage or serving guests at your next event, you know that it pays to invest in a superior brand.

This is a common problem for whiskey drinkers but one that has been hopefully solved, with an affordable style of glass that comes from a reputable brand. There’s everything you look for in a premium whiskey glass and plenty of style that you’ll be proud to serve your friends with, and all at an exceptionally reasonable price.

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Marquis by Waterford is the budget-friendly range from this reputable brand and they’ve created this four set of Double Old Fashion Glasses. Whether you’re entertaining from your home bar or enjoying a nice sip of your favorite drink at the end of a long day, you can do so with the knowledge that you’re using a premium brand with an affordable price tag.

About The Product

Anyone who knows anything about glassware will know the Waterford name, and its reputation as one of the most distinctive brands in the area. Although the brand is highly regarded it also comes with a price tag to match, which is why they created their Marquis by Waterford range as a way to offer affordable but quality glassware to their customers.

The Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashion Glasses come in a set of four, so you’ll always have one ready to go even if the others aren’t clean. With four quality whiskey glasses, you can entertain friends and family, and have the elegance of a matching set that’s made from premium materials.

People take their whiskey drinking very seriously and want a glass that is going to not only enhance the flavor of their favorite drink but also the experience. When you purchase the Marquis by Waterford Double Old Fashion Glasses you’ll get these features and more:

  • 11 oz capacity per glass and 3.75” H x 3.3” W
  • Made from lead-free Crystalline from Italy
  • Substantial weight and clarity
  • Classic cut pattern design for style and grip

Waterford is known for making some of the best crystal pieces and glassware in the world, and although this is their more budget-friendly range of products it’s still exceptional quality. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to invest in a seriously impressive set of whiskey glasses but haven’t had the money, this is your moment to get something worthwhile.

What Others Say

People seem overly impressed with just how high the quality is of these glasses for the price, and how heavy they feel to touch. If you’ve never used a proper whiskey glass before and this is your first time, you may take some getting used to with the weight of them but it just shows how well made they are.

Glass Filled With Whiskey

Some people found an issue with the packaging of their glasses with a request for more filling to keep them safe. However, this doesn’t seem to be lacking in all of the boxes as other customers had padding in theirs, so this is something to be cautious of.

One amazing bonus of these glasses is that they’ve been made in Italy, so compared to other products in this price range that are from other foreign countries, it’s nice to know that they’re from somewhere renowned for its glassware.

Be cautious when washing them though and don’t put them through the dishwasher, as you really need to be careful not to chip them during the cleaning process.

Buying Advice

Whether you want to invest in a new set of whiskey glasses or are purchasing your very first set, you’ll be thrilled at just how premium the Marquis by Waterford Glasses are for this price.

To get a set of the four old fashion glasses, you can head to Amazon for a great price and an even further discount being offered. Right now, the set of four glasses only costs around $40 which has been reduced from $100 so it’s even better value.

What makes this even better value is that Amazon will ship the glasses for free to your home, so you don’t have to step foot in a store to get them. If you’re a member of Amazon Prime you’ll benefit from their express shipping option which is free of charge, so you can start using your whiskey glasses in just two days.

There isn’t really a warranty offered on these like you’d find with crystal products but if they do arrive chipped as some people have found you can certainly return them. Some people have also purchased other glasses to make up their set or complete the home bar including champagne flutes and scotch glasses that match.

Final Verdict

Finding a set of whiskey glasses that are this affordable and this well made is rare, but Marquis by Waterford have managed to achieve it. These are a great gift idea for friends or to complement your home bar, and you’ll notice instantly just how better your favorite tipple tastes when you’re drinking out of something quality.

Marquis By Waterford Whiskey Glasses


There’s no limit to how you can enjoy your new glasses as they’re not only for whiskey, and it’s great value for money that will last your home bar for years to come.

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