Glencairn Whiskey Glasses Set Of 4 Review

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses Set Of 4 Review

Whiskey is one of the most beloved drinks around the world and those who drink it usually take their passion for it very seriously. Anyone who loves a sip of whiskey knows that finding the perfect glass to drink out of is half of the fun, and so they spend their lives looking for something that will tick all of the boxes.

Traditional whiskey glasses look quite similar to each other and even though there are many brands around making them, you’ll often find that they start to look the same. For the modern whiskey drinker or the person who takes their love of the right glass very seriously, these older styles of glasses might not cut it anymore.

What you need is a new and revolutionary way to drink whiskey with all of the features that have been designed for this very special drink. A glass that will help you enjoy the flavors and scents of your favorite drink as well as hold it comfortably and look stylish while you do it, so where can you find such a glass?

Empty Glencairn Whiskey Glass

Glencairn invented their unique whiskey glass to answer all of the problems and more, and to this day it remains one of the most popular styles of glass around. If you’ve never heard of the Glencairn glass before you’ll definitely want to read on, and those who already know of it will be even more inclined to get a set for themselves after seeing what they bring to the table.

About The Product

Glencairn is a very well-known maker of glassware and barware, with their most popular product being their whiskey glass. This glass was designed in 2001 and sought to answer a lot of the problems that whiskey drinkers had when enjoying their favorite tipple, including how to hold it comfortably and be able to savor all the flavors and scents that it offered.

The Glencairn Whiskey Glass is a great choice for beginner drinkers or those who have loved whiskey their entire lives, and when you drink out of this unique type of glass you might wonder why you hadn’t tried it sooner. This special glass has been designed for serious whiskey lovers, and it comes with such amazing features as:

  • Clear and lustrous lead-free crystal
  • Thick and short base stand
  • Winner of the 2006 Queen’s Award for Innovation
  • Set of four glasses holding 6 oz in each

These are a special set of whiskey glasses that suit people with a home bar or those who just love their spirits. They make a great conversation starter because of their unique shape when compared to traditional whiskey glasses, so if you’re looking for something quality to spice up your home bar or add some flair to your next drink, the famous Glencairn Whiskey Glass is it.

What Others Say

Customers who have reviewed these glasses seem to solidify exactly why the makers created them the way they did. With its unique tapered mouth, you’re able to really taste the whiskey and even smell it before it hits your tongue which just helps you further appreciate your favorite drink.

Whiskey In Glencairn Whiskey Glass

These glasses are made from crystal and because they don’t have the standard thick walls that other whiskey glasses have you really need to be careful when cleaning and drinking from them. It probably pays to give warning to guests at your home bar about just how delicate they can be, to prevent anyone from breaking your favorite new glasses.

Glencairn has been given an award for innovation for these glasses, and it’s obvious that they offer something unique. If you’ve tried drinking out of normal whiskey glasses and find them too thick or restrictive then these are great, however for those who favor tradition over all else then you might find the design a little unusual for you.

Buying Advice

If you’re looking to shake things up and try something different when you enjoy your next sip of whiskey, you have to invest in the Glencairn Whiskey Glasses. For something so famous and innovative you might even expect a crazy price tag but when you purchase the set of four glasses from Amazon you’ll pay just over $20 for them.

What makes shopping through Amazon an even better option is their free postage offer, and if you’re a member of Amazon Prime you’ll get them sent express. This means just two days after your order you’ll be sipping whiskey out of your new favorite glass at no extra cost, all thanks to Amazon Prime.

There’s no guarantee on these glasses so you really have to take a risk on them, but judging by all of the happy customers and the years of success that this brand has had you probably won’t have any problems. Some might even like to get themselves a second set of four just to have a backup, and because they’re so cheap it a good idea for people in all budget ranges.

Final Verdict

For those who have tried standard whiskey glasses and wanted something more, the Glencairn Whiskey Glasses might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Their unique shape makes them a pleasure to hold and even helps to appreciate the scent and taste of your favorite drink even more.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses Set Of 4


Investing in a quality set of whiskey glasses like this can only help you enjoy your passion even more, and with such a low price tag you’ll probably want to get more than just four. 

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