The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Whiskey Glasses

The Buyer’s Guide To The Best Whiskey Glasses

No matter what country you’re in or wherever you visit around the globe, whiskey remains one of the world’s favorite drinks. With its distinctive taste and rich flavors, it’s easy to see why so many people love it.

However, aside from the flavors and aromas, whiskey is often seen a status symbol and a drink that is enjoyed by those with serious taste. This is why you can’t enjoy your whiskey from any old glass you find, it has to be with the best whiskey glasses you can find.

Whiskey In Glass

Searching for the best whiskey tasting glasses might sound easy enough, but there are many factors that come into play. Firstly, your budget will determine just how far you can go with these amazing pieces of barware, as they can easily cost a few hundred dollars just for one.

Although it would be ideal to own one of these expensive glasses, the reality is that most whiskey drinkers just can’t afford it. However, that doesn’t mean that they can’t spend a little to get the perfect cup to drink their favorite beverage with.

We’ve created this buying guide to help you do exactly that, so no matter what your budget or personal preference you’ll be able to find the best glasses for whiskey.

We’ve found some of the top rated glasses from leading brands, and can also show you exactly what to look for when choosing this crucial accessory. With the right glass, your whiskey will taste better than ever and you’ll be able to enjoy the experience sipping your drink like never before.

Our Picks For The Best Whiskey Glasses

Just as there are many different types of whiskey drinkers and many different types of whiskey itself, so too are there many different glasses to choose from. To help steer you in the right direction, we’ve found the best crystal glasses, standard glasses, and sets that are complete with decanters, so you can get the perfect one.

Best Crystal Whiskey Glasses

There are so many types of glasses out there all claiming to the best whiskey glasses in the world, but for many spirit lovers there’s nothing like a crystal glass. We’ve found the best crystal whiskey glasses to suit all budgets so that you can enjoy the benefits of this unique material.

Winner: Marquis By Waterford Whiskey Glasses

For anyone who knows anything about crystal and glasses, you probably already recognize the Waterford name. This brand is a leading maker of fine crystal and they’ve made their amazing wares accessible to more of us with their Marquis range of affordable barware and glasses.

The Marquis by Waterford Glasses are perfect for those people who take their whiskey drinking seriously and only want the most stylish and finest crystal, all within a reasonable budget. They’re happy to spend a little more to get something truly worthwhile but don’t have hundreds of dollars to throw away.

The crystal in these glasses is lead-free and they’re made in Italy, featuring a special Waterford Markham pattern. These glasses are definitely the best old fashion glasses for whiskey and they can be used for so much more, with the owner gladly showing them off whenever guests come around.

Marquis By Waterford Whiskey Glasses



Some people seemed a bit surprised about the crystal content of the glasses, as although it’s genuine Waterford crystal it’s also not cut. This means it’s of lesser quality than the more expensive variety, so don’t go purchasing these if you’re expecting something of the absolute best quality. For the price though, it’s exceptional what you receive.

There are four glasses in the set and they hold about 11oz in them, so you can feel free to pour a little extra into your drink if you wish. They’ll add a touch of sophistication to your home bar or just help to enhance the taste and feel of your sipping whiskey, so they’re certainly a sound investment to make for the whiskey lover.

Waterford normally makes products that retail for a lot more than this, so just being able to have something with the prestigious name makes them worthwhile enough. These are genuine and premium quality old fashion style glasses, so if you take your whiskey seriously then there’s really nothing better out there in this price range.

Runner-Up: Venero Whiskey Glasses

Whiskey is a drink that doesn’t discriminate, and there are no rules out there that state you have to spend a fortune getting glasses to suit your favorite tipple. The Venero Whiskey Glasses are some of the more budget-friendly crystal options on the market and ideal for those who want the benefits of crystal without the high price tag.

At such a low cost for crystal glasses, you can expect them to be a little less in terms of quality, but not as little as you’d think. Customers were pretty impressed with how solid they were but warned to be careful when cleaning them as they were thin and had the potential to chip without any real effort.

Four Whiskey Glasses



Their thinness aside, these glasses have been designed with a truly unique twisting pattern. Not only does it help them to stand out from everything else in your home bar but it also makes it easy to grip, which can be beneficial when there’s condensation on your glass from the melting ice within.

One nice little bonus that you’ll get with the Venero Whiskey Glasses is that the set of four comes with a satin lined gift box. This makes a simple but perfect gift for anyone who loves whiskey or those with a home bar who love to show off their best crystal for guests. Even if you’re getting a set for yourself, the box can be kept and used for presentation value, so it’s a nice feature.

These glasses are perfect for all types of drinks, and they’re considered some of the best glasses for bourbon whiskey and scotch as well. Although there are no rules that state you have to drink just whiskey out of them though, most people prefer this and believe that the unique shape that Venero offers is ideal for this beloved drink.

Best Glasses For Whiskey

When you’re looking for a glass that’s solely made for your favorite drink, there are some around that have been designed to offer exactly that. We’ve found the best glasses for whiskey that’s have just one drink in mind, so you’d never dream of using them for anything else. 

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses

If you’re a serious whiskey lover, there’s a good chance that you’re familiar with the Glencairn name. Known by many as the only way to drink whiskey, their uniquely designed glasses were made specifically for this special drink, which already helps them to stand out from the pack.

Glencairn whiskey glasses come with a very special body shape and the thin rim and curved shape of the glass allows you to get a whiff and enjoy the aromas of the drink before you sip it. The company’s thought was that there were plenty of glasses out there for other alcohols like wine, sherry, and champagne, so why not one made just for whiskey?

Another thing that makes Glencairn Whiskey Glasses so special is that they won the Queen’s Award for Innovation in 2006 and quickly make a name for themselves among whiskey lovers.

Glencairn Whiskey Glasses Set Of 4



Although great to some, though, anyone who is a traditional whiskey drinker and prefers to use the standard style of glass that works for scotch and bourbon too likely won’t be impressed with the strange new shape.

These glasses are also made from crystal but not as high quality as some other glasses, but this is a factor that helps to keep the cost down as well. They make a great conversational piece for your home bar as people will be amazed at how different it feels, tastes, and smells to sip their whiskey from a Glencairn, and you can tell them all about its special design.

Whiskey is a truly treasured drink with those who drink it usually having quite strict rules about how they do it. As long as you’re open to a bit of change with your favorite spirit, you’ll be seriously impressed with what the Glencairn glass can do for the flavor and might never want to return to your best scotch whiskey glasses again.

Best Whiskey Glass And Decanter Set

Many people know about the benefits of a decanter when drinking wine, but it’s also a great little tool for whiskey drinkers to have as well. If you’re looking for more than just standard glasses and want to add some elegance to your home bar setup, a whiskey glass and decanter set will be the option for you.

Winner: Marquis By Waterford Decanter And Glasses Set

It should be no surprise to see the Waterford name here again, and this time it’s for their elegant set that features both whiskey glasses and a decanter. This set comes with four of their classic old-fashioned glasses and a 28 oz decanter, all made from lead-free crystal.

Upon looking at the decanter and glasses, you can be fooled into thinking they’re a lot more expensive than they actually are. Although some of the more highly priced sets in the moderate price range bracket, they’re amazing value for money when you consider the quality of the crystal and how well they were crafted.

Marquis By Waterford Decanter And Glasses Set



Both the decanter and glasses feature a diamond cut wedge pattern on them that helps them to stand out, but keeps the entire set together and looking like it belongs. This sitting on your home bar or a drink trolley is all you need to signify to guests that you’re sophisticated and you take your love of a good whiskey very seriously.

In terms of weight and size, the glasses and decanter are a little thicker and heavier than you might expect from crystal. This is due to the quality of the crystal which makes them a bit heftier than usual but still leaves them with the look and feel of quality crystal that people can instantly recognize.

A decanter can add so much value to your glass of whiskey and owning this set will mean you’re happy to show it off and store your favorite bottle in there. Going with a trusted name like Waterford, even if it is their affordable range of Marquis products, means you're guaranteed a quality product that will have people talking at your next event.

Runner-Up: Paksh Novelty 7 Piece Decanter And Glasses Set

People often think that whiskey is a drink reserved for the very wealthy and elite, but there are plenty of us around the world that enjoy the flavors and aromas of this popular drink, no matter our status. Thankfully, brands like Paksh Novelty make it easy to invest in quality glasses and decanters to help us enjoy your passion even more, all without breaking the bank.

This is a seven piece set which features six glasses and one decanter, so there’s more than enough to entertain with. Although they’re not made with fine crystal, they have been created using raw materials and fine sands that were crafted in Italy, so you know you’re getting something quality.

Paksh Elegant Decanter And Glasses Set



For the low price of this set, you can expect there to be a few things lacking when you compared it to those on the higher end of the scale. One huge problem that people found was with the lid of the decanter not being able to seal correctly, which defeats the entire purpose of this product and how it keeps your whiskey fresh.

The design of these glasses and the decanter has an old-world feel, and it features a classic diamond cut throughout. Placing these on your bar at home or in a drink trolley adds an air of sophistication, and when you consider the low cost it’s a great investment in the décor of your home, even if you don’t drink that much.

Buying the Paksh Novelty Whiskey Glass and Decanter Set certainly isn’t meant to be a lifelong investment, probably rather suited to someone who’s having an upcoming part or only gets their whiskey out on very special occasions. If you drink more often than this, it’s probably best to invest in something a little sturdier that will enhance your drinking experience.

The Features To Look For In A Whiskey Glass

While there’s certainly no law against drinking whiskey out of any old glass, those who are serious about sophistication and their love for the drink knows that having the right glass is a must. Here are a few features you can look at when choosing the best whiskey glasses and why they matter so much.


What makes the whiskey glass so unique is its design when compared to other drinks like wine or sherry. Usually, a whiskey glass features a solid base that helps keep it centered, and thin or thick walls depending on the preference of the drinker.

Matterhorn Whiskey Glasses

The glass can be smooth and clear or come with a cut pattern like diamonds, usually being the standard design used by a specific brand.


The most common material used to drink whiskey out of is crystal, and there are varying degrees of quality. The best quality can cost a few hundred dollars for a single glass or there are more affordable crystalline styles available. Others are made from simple glass which is cheaper to purchase but doesn’t always help with the flavors.

Whiskey Type

There are a few different types of whiskey including single malt, scotch whiskey, bourbon whiskey, and more. It’s believed that some glasses are designed to be used with specific blends so think about what you drink usually and shop to that if you can.


We often focus so much on nosing wine that we forget the importance of nosing a good whiskey, so if this is something you like to partake in when you drink your favorite beverage then you’ll need the glass to suit.

Glasses designed for nosing often feature a curved lip that helps the aromas and flavors to come out before it hits your lips, and with a simple swirl, you’ll be able to experience the whole thing.

Weight And Size

There are various sizes of whiskey glasses depending on how you drink it, with some being just for straight whiskey sipping and others to mix with sodas and more. The size is usually measure in ounces depending on how much capacity it has to hold liquid, with measurements showing you the height and width of the glass.


Although not essential, some people prefer to choose a glass that has a good grip on it. As whiskey can be consumed with ice cubes or cold beverages it tends to get condensation on the outside and so extra grip is needed to counteract this.

Why It’s So Important To Find The Right Whiskey Glass

There’s a good chance that if you love whiskey, you’re reading this buying guide and you understand just how important it is to have the perfect glass to enjoy your favorite drink with.

Holding Whiskey Glass

There are plenty of factors that make the right glass a necessity, but perhaps most important is how you feel when you’re holding something stylish and sophisticated that’s been designed just for your drink.

Many people take pride in entertaining guests and serving up well-made drinks with tasty snacks, and although you might not realize it, people are taking notice of exactly what you serve them with.

Having a matching set of crystal whiskey glasses is one sure way to impress people, and now that you know there’s no need to spend anything exuberant to get it, it’s an investment in your home that you can’t be without.

There are personal preferences about what material is best for whiskey glasses, with many favoring crystal. However, traditional crystal glasses featured lead in their makeup, and thankfully this is something that manufacturers seem to be steering clear of today. 

Not only can it be dangerous to ingest but it can also affect the flavor, so it’s not ideal for sipping whiskey with.

Most types of alcohol around the world come with their own special glass, whether you’re sipping champagne out of a flute or having a Moscow mule out of a copper mug. Whiskey is considered one of the most prestigious drinks on earth, so it surely deserves the perfect glass in which to drink it from.

A Whiskey Lover’s Favorite Accessory

Whiskey will forever be one of the world’s favorite drinks, whether you like to sip it slowly and softly or mix it with a lot of ice and cola. What’s even more important than choosing the right bottle of whiskey though is having the perfect glass to drink it out of, so it’s not a decision to make lightly.

Cheering With Whiskey

There are so many benefits to investing in whiskey glasses, not just for you but for anyone who comes to your home for drinks. You’ll look more sophisticated, the whiskey will taste better, and it will help to add a sense of sophistication to your favorite pastime.

Buying the best whiskey glasses these days doesn’t mean spending a fortune, and it’s easy to see there are plenty of great options out there well within the reach of most people’s budgets. This is one simple investment that can last your home a lifetime, and it will enhance your drinking and socializing experience in more ways than you could ever imagine.

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